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Our team One wave. One drive. One passion. The new wave of living.

Our Team No ordinary hotel. No ordinary hosts.

We are team players and gamechangers. And wholehearted hosts. With an extraordinary amount of passion. With an extraordinary amount of curiosity. And an extraordinary amount of energy. That's also why our Zipper is what it is: an extraordinary project.

We are all looking in the same direction and moving forward together.

At the same time, each of us has our own special tasks and expertise. And there are many of them: Development, Mobility, Operations, Sales, Leading ... But it is only by combining all our experience and expertise so closely that we create a place where everything fits. For us as a team. And for our guests. Because we are more than happy to be here. And we do everything we can to make sure that you are, too.

Two vi­sion­ar­ies. One vision. The Zipper. The founding partners

Our founders, Otto Konstantin and Tobias Sebastian, have laid the foundation for their vision with HOSPITALITY X. They aim to challenge the status quo of the hospitality industry. To connect the hospitality sector with the socially relevant topics of tomorrow.

With success: The Zipper is the best proof of how perfectly hospitality, digitization, mindfulness, sports, and healthcare can come together. At the same time, a place has been created here where new visions emerge. Through and with the growing community that is a guest and a resident at the Zipper.

Resident Manager Franziska Pfaff

Passionate host. Team leader. Detail-oriented. Throughout her professional journey, Franziska has come to know and love the hospitality industry in all its facets. She exudes hospitality and has an eye for the small details that often add that special touch, including here at the Zipper. She knows every nook and cranny like the back of her hand - if not even better.

Franziska channels her energy and passion into her mission of forming the perfect team of hosts alongside the Resident Hosts and living the team spirit: One wave, one drive, one passion.

In one word, Franziska's Zipper experience: Gigantic.

"Not much longer, and people in Düsseldorf and beyond will get to know and love the ZIPPER. We're going to be an amazing community."


Head of Sales and Strategic Part­ner­ship Alexandra Weber

Enthusiast. Family person. Allround talent. She brings 28 years of hospitality experience and holds the title of Head of Sales and Strategic Partnership, the longest title. But that's not all. It's her infectious, inspiring nature that truly enriches the ZIPPER team. And she generously shares this quality. Customer and partnership acquisition: Alexandra stands firmly behind the Zipper with genuine conviction and is already looking forward to all the upcoming projects within the scope of HOSPITALITY X.

In one word, Alexandra's Zipper experience: Wow.

"Getting people excited about what excites me is the reason why I ended up here."


Co-Founder Tobias Sebastian Oberdieck

Innovative spirit. Entrepreneur. Coordination talent. For more than a decade, Tobias has been developing new hotel projects. And as the Co-Founder of HOSPITALITY X, he now creates his own brand: The Zipper Hotel & Apartments. His vision to establish a stylish, timeless place in the urban setting where one can detach oneself while still connecting with others has been impressively achieved.

In one word, Tobias Sebastian's Zipper experience: Mindfulness.

"It's incredibly exciting to create something that is constantly evolving. The Zipper thrives because of the people who live and work here."


Co-Founder Otto Konstantin Lindner

Innovater. Networker. And modern host. The hospitality gene was undeniably ingrained in him. Once at home all around the world, he now, as a Co-Founder, offers the world a home with the Zipper. Together with his team and always open to new collaborative partners, he'll undoubtedly make significant strides in the future, thanks in part to his expertise in the field of international mobility.

In one word, Otto's Zipper experience: Community.

"When people embrace the Zipper wholeheartedly, then we've done everything right."


Chairman of the Advisory Board Otto Lindner

Family entrepreneur. Son of architect Otto Lindner. Hotelier driven by passion and a penchant for unconventional thinking. He brings a wealth of experience to the table along with an equally abundant supply of innovative ideas. He has maintained a collegial and familial connection with the two founders for decades. He values constant exchange, offers advice, and often finds inspiration in their ideas as well.

In one word, Otto's Zipper experience: Home.

"I like it when buildings have a memorable quality. When they tell a story."


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